Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Through our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service we take over all or part of a client company’s recruitment activities. Typically, we work with companies that have considerable recruitment activities but don’t have a dedicated internal recruitment department capable of effectively handling the recruiting volume.

PrimeStaff International’s RPO solution helps companies solve their most difficult hiring challenges. We help our clients transform their recruitment needs into a competitive advantage for their business by delivering a unique approach in filling difficult-to-fill positions in hard-to-fill markets.

Full Flexibility

Internal Integration

Precise Targeting

Full Flexibility

We do not offer off-the-shelf solutions. We create the right outsourced recruiting solution for each of our clients. Our unique RPO approach allows us to transition custom RPO solutions quickly and painlessly. In addition, we are able to scale up or down quickly, as our clients’ needs evolve.

The flexibility of our recruitment process enables us to offer end-to-end services (from job requisition through onboarding) or to focus on specific aspects of the recruiting process, depending on our clients’ specific needs.

Working with Internal Recruiting Teams

We work closely with our clients’ recruiting teams in whatever way serves them best. For some of our clients, we take on the entire hiring process. For others, we share the hiring process with the internal recruiting team. Our goal is to assist our clients in any of these arrangements in order to ensure the best possible hiring success.

Targeting Difficult-to-Fill positions in Hard-to-Fill markets

Increasingly, companies are considering an outsourced recruiting solution when they need to fill positions that are outside their traditional comfort zone. This is especially so when volume is involved but also when recruiting for difficult-to-fill positions in hard-to-fill markets.

Typical Benefits of using a RPO solution

  • RPO providers are able to lower the recruitment costs for their clients, especially at it relates to cost per hire.
  • Improvement in a company’s time to hire and an increase in the quality of the candidate pool.
  • By outsourcing the recruitment function, the client company can re-focus HR managers and other internal HR staff members on other HR initiatives.
  • RPO solutions also change fixed investment costs into variable costs that flex with fluctuation in recruitment activity.
  • RPO is a good option for companies that are short on internal recruiting resources, as is recently the case in many organizations that have downsized as a result of the recession.
  • Intense focus on the client company allows the RPO to become an expert on the company’s recruiting needs; this insider knowledge also facilitates finding candidates who will best fit into the company culture

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