Retained Search

PrimeStaff International is a proven and trusted executive and professional-level search partner to businesses across the U.S. and North America. We consistently fill senior leadership and professional positions with exceptional candidates.

Since our inception in 1998, we have fulfilled many mid to high-level retained searches. With our experience in multiple industries, we are able to find great candidates for our client companies who will not only fit the job description but will also seamlessly integrate into the company culture.

In order to consistently attract the best talent for our clients, we have developed a proven and effective search process, which consists of the following steps:

Establish Needs

Quality Research

Client Review

Job Placed!

Initial Client Discussion

During the initial discussion with our client, we identify the essential information regarding the open positions. This includes an outline of the duties to be performed and an assessment of the skills, experience and education that will be required of a successful candidate.

Search Profile

Once our clients’ needs have been established, we prepare a job description for the position in question, and develop an updated job description to be reviewed by the client company for approval.


Utilizing our extensive database, network of industry contacts, and a variety of other resources, promising candidates for the position are identified.

Candidate Identification and Evaluation

After prospective candidates are identified, they are screened and evaluated based on their qualifications and their potential fit with the client organization. All candidates are scrutinized during face-to-face interviews using behavioral-based techniques. Among other things, the candidates’ skills, experience, career goals, compensation requirements, and interest in the available position are explored.

Presentation of Candidates

Confidential summaries profiling the top candidates are prepared and presented to the client company.

Candidate/Client Review

PrimeStaff International schedules a mutually convenient meeting between the client and each candidate. With the clients’ agreement we participate in these interviews so that we may gain further insight into the client’s requirements and thus refine our search, and also to be able to contribute more effectively to the final candidate selection. At the conclusion of each interview PrimeStaff International contacts the client and the candidates for feedback.

Checking of References

PrimeStaff International checks the references, and verifies employment, education and most recent salary of the candidates under consideration. The results are compiled and shared with the client. More extensive background checks are conducted as required.

Job Offer

Once the client has selected a candidate, PrimeStaff International assists in structuring a compensation package. PrimeStaff International presents the offer to the candidate and acts as intermediary and facilitator during any ensuing negotiations.


Once the offer has been formally accepted, PrimeStaff International provides assistance for a smooth transfer to the client company by counseling the new hire on proper resignation procedures and on how to handle counteroffers.

Completion of Search

Regular follow-ups with both the candidate and the client company are done during the first few months to ensure mutual satisfaction.

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